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10/10 - It was loose.

Vertyx responds:

Like a goose?

Great animation, to those complaining about the theme, it's just a modification of a lulzy copypasta that makes fun of both sides. This animation it's at comedy-parody so just relax and laugh at the references and jokes.

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dat onizuka face xD.

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The levels were nicely designed, It never felt like the game was being cheap, just hard.

The game slows down when lots of explosions happen at the same time and sometimes in that state the controls reaction also slowed down, It happened only in one boss battle, I think u can guess which one.

For those saying that it's too hard, you're not supposed to rambo. You better be careful and aim your attacks because you're slow as hell. Also you cant attack and inmediatly jump, so choose when to dodge.

Don't be scared of using your weapons, you get hearts before the bosses so no need to save them that much, just don't use the D button you will waste 10 hearts and it deals low damage.

Pick the book for the first boss and the pretzel for the others, the bottle and glove are hard to aim and the letter hits like paper (pun).

Anyways, awesome game, wish it was longer. It was nice to peek at the world throught kenji's eyes XD.

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Very addictive game xD

It is easy to learn and so fun to play :)
I felt so proud of getting to the hot part, probably because of the music ^^.

Nice game

I really enjoyed playing it, the art is amazing, and the music fitted extremely well :3. But I felt it was too short, the boss fight was nice but too easy, constantly sending flying the boss streched it a lot, I just had to stay in a single place and press A repeatly when the boss gets close then wait till he stops bouncing from the impact and repeat.

For some reason I can't double jump in the first lvls of hard mode, at first I thought it was disabled for more difficulty so I managed to get past the first and other 3 lvls with the jump+attack and then it suddenly started working ^^. I dunno if this just happened to me so I will give it 5/5 10/10 :P

D-SuN responds:

In hardmode, double jump must be earned just like every other ability.
Thank you for the review though! Glad you've enjoyed Culmination!

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Demasiado bueno xD

joder, recien me fijo que llevo mas de hora y media escuchandolo, y aun no me canso xD. ojala hagas mas como estos xDD. 5/5 10/10

Really nice ^^

It was nice how the real song started at 2:05, i wasn't watching the player and i thought "wah it ended?" and then it started xD, the song is awesome ^^, I really like your style :3, it cheers me up ^^. i hope you make more :P.

ZooSafari responds:

Thanks you very much bro, Im definitely making moar ;)

Nice :O

it really sounds pro XD, it would really fit for a console fighting game (for a temple bgm or something like that ^^). it's good :3.

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